What Project Access Means to Me...

September 23, 2015


Dr. Lisa Ray is a family practice physician with MAHEC Family Health Center. Her special interests lie in women and children’s health, team based care, dermatology, and osteoporosis. She has been participating in Project Access for 16 years.

Dr. Ray says, “What is meaningful to me about Project Access is that it allows you to take care of patients more seamlessly, more independently from their ability to pay.  I feel like Project Access has allowed our community to have much better primary care coverage than the community would otherwise and that is central to the health of a community” Project Access counts on a network of primary care physicians and specialists willing to pledge a certain amount of donated visits per year in order to serve the medically needy, low income members of Buncombe county. The more primary care and specialist physicians that participate, the more access needy patients have to quality healthcare.

Dr. Ray has many years of experience with Project Access patients and says this, “I particularly appreciate that these patients are often the working poor or people who have lost their jobs and need us the most. (Project Access) allows me to keep taking care of my established patients who are down on their luck or need me most.” The Project Access staff agrees, more often than not, patients are working, but earning very little income. Our Health Access Counselors assess the income of each patient (in addition to other criteria), and all patients enrolled in the program fall below 133% of the federal poverty line, or less than $32,253 for a family of four. If patients fall at or above 100% of the federal poverty line, then our Health Access Counselors enroll the patient with health insurance through the marketplace (as eligible).   

Contact us with questions or to sign up at 828-274-6989 or projectaccess@mywcms.org. The amount of Project Access patients you see per month or per year is up to you! WCMS staff honors and tracks it, the patients get great health care, and YOU get the satisfaction of being a critical part of our nationally recognized program that keeps our community healthy.

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