Mission Health Budget Statement

September 29, 2014

Statement attributed to Ronald A. Paulus, MD, President and CEO, Mission Health:
As Mission Health finalizes its budget process for fiscal year 2015, we know that many in our community are looking to us for indications of the strength of our system, and ultimately, our ability to provide quality healthcare to people close to where they live and work.  We take this responsibility and privilege very, very seriously.  
Earlier today, we shared a video (link below) with our Mission Health family highlighting the challenging budget process.  In the end, we were able to improve our financial performance by $52 million to offset federal and state reimbursement cuts while providing our deserving caregivers merit increases and making important investments in our system and our community.  We now have an approved 2015 budget that achieves an improved operating margin and that not only maintains, but expands Mission Health’s mission and vision.  
Overall, Mission Health continues to grow.  Compared to 2014, the 2015 budget includes an additional 147 positions.  Unfortunately, the budget also includes the elimination of 130 caregiver positions, whether part-time or full-time.  Of those impacted individuals, 15 already have accepted new positions within Mission Health and many others are in the process of looking at new positions within the system.  Fifty-five have decided to retire, return to school or pursue other opportunities.  
Healthcare is shifting from inpatient to ambulatory and post-acute settings with a greater and more desirable emphasis on preventing disease through consumer engagement, healthier lifestyle choices, and early and aggressive management of chronic disease.  We are preparing for this shift with critical, strategic changes such as Mission Health Partners, a clinically integrated primary care network of more than 275 physicians who are collaborating with a specific focus on improving patient safety and outcomes, and cost efficiency.
Mission Health will continue to reengineer and remodel all of our systems and processes to rise above the challenges facing the healthcare industry.  We are excited about the future and seek to set a national standard for patient-centered, high quality, cost effective care.
Link to video.

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