Get Your Answering Service Messages via DocBookMD

January 30, 2014

DocbookMD and MAP Communications, one of the largest answering service providers in the country, are joining together!

As you may know, receiving SMS messages with patient information, even from your answering service, can violate HIPAA. Your answering service may be HIPAA-secure, but once the information has passed to your mobile device, it is your responsibility to keep it secure. That is why DocbookMD now works with your answering service company to offer you the extra security you need.

Call your answering service to see if they support DocbookMD messaging. MAP Communications clients can now receive their messages through DocbookMD. Simply call to activate this service and start receiving your messages with DocbookMD today!

You'll gain the following features with your DocbookMD activation:

  • Click to call back patients directly from your phone
  • Forward messages to colleagues
  • Document messages at any time of the day from anywhere
  • Receive HIPAA-secure SMS messages

If you have questions about integrating DocbookMD with your current answering service, contact us anytime at or 1 (888) 930-2048.

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