2014 Strategic Plan Quarterly Update #1

May 6, 2014

In August of 2013, WCMS embarked on its second year of aspiration-driven strategic planning. Over 70 individuals were interviewed from our key community partners, including physicians (both employed and independent, with emphasis on counties other than Buncombe); health system leadership (included both Mission and other hospitals across the region); funders/donors, community leaders, practice managers, patients and employees. On October 28th, 47 of our key partners participated in a town hall meeting to discuss the thematic results of the interviews. Participants broke into key partner groups and wrote strategies based on the thematic findings. Both the Association and Foundation Boards of Directors along with WCMS staff subsequently prioritized the strategies in accordance with our mission, while insuring that the final, approved plan represented input from all key community partners.

WCMS is committed to providing quarterly updates to our key partners. Click here for our first quarterly report.

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