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Articles from Our Members:

"A Change in Policy Regarding Burnout by the NC Medical Board" - by Dr. Robert C. Henderson
"Message from the President"- by Dr. Samantha Read-Smith
"The Loss of One of our Own, To Suicide" - by Dr. Robert C. Henderson

Articles Focused on the Physician Family

"The Resilient Medical Family: Extraordinary Challenges for Exceptional People" - by Wayne M. Sotile, PhD., Mary O. Sotile, MA, LPC and Julia E. Sotile, MSW, LCSW

Strategies for Combatting Burnout

Bring Back the Joy of Practicing Medicine - Forbes, Walker Ray, MD

Mindfulness Resources - Asheville Mindful Living
When Technology Can Reduce — Not Cause — Clinician Burnout - from Physicians Practice Pearls Podcast

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