The WCMS Cornerstones

Cornerstones are physicians who have served Western North Carolina for over 30 years. WCMS thanks and honors these pillars of the community.

Below are the lists of past Cornerstone physicians. Please thank them for their many years of dedicated service to the communities they serve.

Cornerstones from 1985

Honored at the 2015 Newcomers'/Cornerstones' Picnic

  • Terry C. Childers, MD  (Mountain Area Pediatric Associates)
  • A. Stanley Dalton, MD  (Retired from: Asheville Neonatology)
  • Darilyn H. Dealy, MD  (Retired from: CarePartners Hospice & Palliative Care)
  • Mary Anne Farrell, MD  (Cherokee Indian Hospital)
  • Glen S. Gettinger, MD  (AllCare Clinical Associates, PA)
  • Thomas  Hartmann, MD  (Asheville Radiology Associates)
  • Hal S. Hemme, MD  (Asheville Internal Medicine)
  • Rex A. Henderson, MD  (Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine)
  • Michael P. Hooker, MD  (Retired from: AllCare Clinical Associates)
  • Steven L. Kovach, MD  (AllCare Clinical Associates, PA)
  • James H. Montgomery, MD  (Asheville Radiology Associates)
  • Barbara A. Stagg, MD  (Bakersville Community Medical Center)
  • James C. Stevens, MD  (Retired)
  • Cynthia B. Yancey, MD  (WNC Community Health Services)


Cornerstones from 1982-1984

Honored at the 2014 Newcomers'/Cornerstones' Picnic

Dr. Bruce G. Armstrong   (Asheville Urological Associates)
Dr. David S. Bate Jr.  (Brevard Health Center)
Dr .Terry W. Burt   (Carolina Mountain Emergency Med.)
Dr. Rebecca A. Clemenzi   (Arden Family Health Center)
Dr. Daniel T. Eglinton   (Asheville Biologics & Orthopaedics)
Dr. Dale E. Fell   (Mission Hospital - Administration)
Dr. William V. Fowler   (McDowell Medical Associates - Marion)
Dr. William  Huffstutter   (William M. Huffstutter, MD)
Dr. Carol Kaufman   (Julian F. Keith Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Center)
Dr. R. Bruce Kelly   (V.A. Medical Center)
Dr. Steven L. Mendelsohn   (Mountain Regional Arthritis Center)
Dr. Craig A. Mills   (Asheville Internal Medicine)
Dr. Neil P. Peterson   (Asheville Radiology Associates)
Dr. Ronald L. Plemmons   (Wolfe Data)
Dr. David Y. Rogers   
Dr. Paul J. Saenger   (Blue Ridge Bone & Joint Clinic)
Dr. David H. Serfas   (Asheville Cardiology Associates)
Dr. John Mac Smith III  (AllCare Clinical Associates, PA)
Dr. James C. Stevens   
Dr. Sharon S. Sweede   
Dr. Jeanne N. Tramm   (AllCare Clinical Associates, PA)
Dr. David H. Troxler   (Four Seasons Compassion For Life)
Dr. Peter A. Wallenborn III  (WNC ENT Head & Neck Surgery)
Dr. Nathan E. Williams   (New Horizons Womens Cancer Center)

Cornerstones from 1980-1982

Honored at the 2012 Shrimp Picnic

Dr. P. Kemp Battle with Kemp Battle, MD, PC
Dr. Thomas Beardsley with Asheville Eye Associates
Dr. James Brown with Asheville Anesthesia Associates, PA
Dr. Harry Burton with Asheville Heart
Dr. Robert Cook with Weaverville Family Medicine
Dr. Norris Crigler with Asheville Radiology Associates
Dr. David Foy with Asheville Family Medicine
Dr. William Gough with Asheville Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center
Dr. Benjamin Gravatt with Asheville Anesthesia Associates, PA
Dr. David Hester with Asheville Endocrinology Consultants
Dr. Olson Huff with Olson Huff Center
Dr. Randall Johnson with Regional Surgical Specialists
Dr. Drew Litzenberger with Asheville Neonatology
Dr. Ralph Loomis with Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center, PA
Dr. William Maddox with Asheville Cardiology Associates
Dr. J. Paul Martin with Crescent Health Solutions
Dr. Terence McGhee with Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine, PA
Dr. W. Copley McLean with Western Carolina Retinal Assoc.
Dr. James McMillan with Asheville Family Health Center
Dr. Frank Moretz with Asheville Anesthesia Associates, PA
Dr. Jung Noh with V.A. Medical Center
Dr. Charles O'Cain with Asheville Pulmonary & Critical Care
Dr. Bart Paschal with Asheville Hematology & Oncology
Dr. Brison Robertson with Asheville Family Medicine
Dr. Joel Rosenberg with Rosenberg & Pozner
Dr. William Snoddy with Asheville Family Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Stillson with CarePartners Hospice and Palliative Care
Dr. Michael Teaford with PML Pathology
Dr. Anthony Weisenberger with The Grove Clinic Psychological
Dr. Robert Wells with Extended Care Physicians - Mountain, PA
Dr. Michael Young with Mission Neurology Services - Outpatient

The 2012 Cornerstones:



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Cornerstones from 1977-1979

Honored at the 2010 Shrimp Picnic

Dr. Jerry Ariail
Dr. J. Spencer Atwater, Jr.
Dr. J. Ben Bailey
Dr. Ellen Boyd
Dr. Ronald Caldwell
Dr. W. Keith Campbell
Dr. Kenneth Clark, Jr.
Dr. John Dean
Dr. Timothy Deering
Dr. Daniel Dolan
Dr. W. Roger Domby
Dr. W. Leon Elliston
Dr. Alan Friedman
Dr. John Kelly
Dr. Richard Landau
Dr. John Lawrence, Jr.
Dr. IL Sung Lee
Dr. C. Deaton Maddox
Dr. John McGuire
Dr. Donald Mullis
Dr. Donald Neblett
Dr. Benjamin Powell
Dr. Charles Rowe
Dr. Jeffrey Russell
Dr. James "Al" Shivers
Dr. Richard Smith
Dr. John Spencer
Dr. Jeffrey Tait
Dr. Robert Waller
Dr. Richard Walton
Dr. Charles Yode


The 2010 Cornerstones:



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