What people are saying about WCMS


C-Britt-Peterson.pngI’m Britt Peterson, I’m a psychiatrist with Mission Medical Associates.  I’m a member of Western Carolina Medical Society because it’s a great opportunity for physicians to come and bring their voices together to best represent the needs of our patients in the region.

Kate-Queen-photo.pngMy name is Kate Queen.  I’m a rheumatologist and I practice in Haywood County.  I’m employed by Duke LifePoint Hospital System.  And I’m a member of the Western Carolina Medical Society because it’s an opportunity to be a part of a regional dialogue on healthcare needs and to share ideas, focus on challenges that physicians throughout the region are facing.

Gus-Wilde.pngI’m Gus Wilde, I have a solo practice in Franklin and I’m a member of the Western Carolina Medical Society.  I joined because I’m so busy taking care of patients all day I don’t have time for all the medical, political morass that we have to deal with. These guys do a great job of it and I’m so grateful for that.

Project Access

I was diagnosed with a myoma inside my left atrium, a rare, usually benign tumor inside the heart. On January 6, I had open heart surgery. My medical bills including after care, were in the neighborhood of $200,000. Project Access covered all of these expenses. On November 4th, my fifth and last grandchild will be born in Chicago. Because of Project Access, I will have the blessing of meeting and loving this new baby. There are no words to express my family’s and my gratitude for this altruistic program. ~ Keldwyn

The doctors I have seen all treated me with dignity. If they weren’t there for me I would have fallen through the cracks and would not be in the good stable health condition I am in today. Thank you! ~ Gary

My health is finally beginning to stabilize … I believe I am finally on the right track of treatment. This project does a world of good. ~ Paloma

Being diagnosed with cancer was frightening even more so because I knew I could not afford insurance and didn’t qualify for any assistance. I would have died had it not been for Project Access, WCMS and its network of volunteer physicians. I owe them my life. ~ Kali

WNC Interpreter Network (WIN)

E.A.S.I. has used WNC Interpreter Network in many difficult situations that required the utmost care and professionalism. The service they provide helps us bridge the communication barrier on many levels with our employees. We fully intend to use their services in the future when the need arises. - Veryce English, Safety and Risk Manager, Employee Administrative Services Inc. (E.A.S.I.)

It’s wonderful for the community, and I believe it eases a patient’s mind when he/she needs help with communicating their medical needs. WIN steps in and bridges the communication gap and the patient gets their medical needs met. - Jennifer Padgett, Scheduler at Asheville Gastroenterology Associates

WIN is great! For the last few years, Interpretive Services at Mission Hospitals has been working very closely with WIN to help us provide excellent care to our LEP patients. They have provided us with the resources we need for many languages and the service that we have received from WIN has been outstanding. Their staff has always been very responsive to our needs and extremely helpful in very challenging situations. We will continue using their services since this will allow us to provide the care that our patients deserve. ~ Lisbeth Hamilton, Mission Hospital

Buncombe County Department of Health has contracted with WIN since 2008 to provide back-up interpreter services and interpreters for less frequently needed languages. We use WIN because their interpreters are trained and proficiency tested for medical settings, dependable and very willing to assist with pre or post appointment communication if needed. We are very fortunate to have this professional organization available to ensure meaningful communication in health care and promote a healthy community. ~ Debbie Duncan, MSW, Buncombe County Department of Health

Minority Medical Mentoring Program (MMMP)

Their clinic inspired me to want to set up my future clinic like theirs. - Apryl Littlejohns, about her experience with Dr. Abbott at WNC Community Health Services (WNCCHS) clinic working with HIV/AIDS and health disparities.

My experience as a student intern in MMMP has been an eye-opener and has allowed me to make the transition from being a student to being an adult. - Stephen Frempong, A.C.Reynolds student

Before participating in MMMP, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life. After completing such a great internship, I now know that I will work in the health care field so that I can give back to my community. ~ Robert Underwood