Vendor Program

WCMS Preferred Vendor Participation Criteria

The WCMS Preferred Vendor Program is dedicated to offering competitive prices and discounts to WCMS members on various products and services designed to accommodate the business needs of physicians.  Companies desiring to be considered for potential endorsement by WCMS must be able to meet the following criteria:


  1. Product/service must accommodate a business need as indicated by WCMS board members on behalf of WCMS membership
  2. Vendor is an industry leader, fiscally sound and available to physicians throughout western North Carolina
  3. Vendor holds a higher service standard, especially in the value added support it offers to physician members
  4. Vendor must be able to serve the entire 16 county region of western North Carolina with either field representatives available on the ground locally, or comprehensive phone and/or online support, if necessary.
  5. Vendor agrees that the endorsement is non-exclusive
  6. Vendor must offer a discount to WCMS members (recommend at least 10-15% off regular pricing)
  7. Vendor must pay WCMS an agreed upon flat annual fee to offset costs of marketing
  8. Vendor must supply two letters of reference from WCMS membership or other respected WNC organizations attesting to the company’s high quality, reliability, and customer service excellence. Additionally, the Vendor must supply two references that WCMS may call directly.
  9. Vendor must support WCMS’ mission of serving and supporting its members
  10. Any materials used by the endorsed party showing WCMS’ endorsement must be reviewed and approved by WCMS


Western Carolina Medical Society supports western North Carolina physicians by providing distinctive solutions to the challenges that they encounter in the care of their patients.  We recognize that our membership often looks to WCMS preferred companies for those solutions.  For this reason, any proposed arrangements are subject to final review and approval by the WCMS Association Board of Directors to ensure that acceptance of such endorsement has no potential adverse influence on WCMS’ programs or policies, does not conflict with the Association’s goals, and does not pose a conflict of interest. However, be advised that, while WCMS does its best with limited resources to insure that the criteria listed above are met, we cannot guarantee the quality of products, reliability of service, and customer service provided by the  preferred vendor. Members wishing to use a Preferred Vendor should exercise their own due diligence in their selection of appropriate vendors and services. Your participation in these programs is completely voluntary, and we encourage you to do your own research before choosing the services that are right for you.


No endorsement shall be effective without the recommendation of the appropriate WCMS staff and the approval of the WCMS Association Board of Directors.  Proposal review and making the recommendation for endorsement to the appropriate governing body may take in excess of six months to complete.  The contract between WCMS and the endorsee will become effective on a mutually agreed upon date and for a period of time to be determined by WCMS' reviewing body.  At the end of this and of subsequent contract periods, WCMS will evaluate the success of the relationship and determine whether the endorsement will be renewed for another term.  WCMS reserves the right to approve or reject applications and contracts for any reason at any time, including, but not limited to conflict of interest, reports from our members of inadequate service by vendor, and non-payment of fees to WCMS.  If an application or contract is rejected, the designated contact will receive a written response.  At any time during or after this process, the company is free to pursue alternatives to endorsement including sponsorship of WCMS activities and advertisement in various WCMS publications or on the WCMS website. 

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