Western Carolina Medical Society receives support from generous donors to make successful programs that improve the health of our community. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Western Carolina Medical Society, please contact us or use our online donation system by clicking below. To request that your donation support a specific program of the Foundation, such as Project Access®, WCMS Interpreter Network, the Charles Blair Fund, or the Healthy Healer Fund this opportunity is at the end of the donation form. Thank you for your support!



Donor List Policy

WCMS values the privacy of its donors. WCMS does not share, sell or rent its donor list, or any portion of its donor list, with any other entity. After making a donation to WCMS, donors may expect to be contacted in the future by WCMS. Donors may also expect publication of their names and giving levels (within large ranges, not specific amounts) on the WCMS website and/or other periodic publication, unless the donor has requested anonymity. If you wish such anonymity, please contact us.