Excerpted from The History of Medicine in Asheville by Dr. Irby Stephens:


On January 22, 1885 the weekly Asheville Citizen carried the following notice:

Buncombe County Medical Association
Asheville, January 12, 1885
We, whose names are hereunto annexed, desirous of forming a society, (to be known as the Buncombe County Medical Society,) for mutual improvement, to elevate the profession and advance uniformity in practice and prices, pledge ourselves to meet at the Court House, in Asheville, at 10 o’clock a.m. January 26th, 1885. All regular practitioners of medicine will please attend.

James A. Burroughs
W.W. Clark   
Wardlaw McGill         
W. L. Hilliard    
J. G. Hardy          
John Hey Williams
M. L. Nelson
W. C. Brownson     
John Watson 
James M. Stevens

This meeting of January 26, 1885, resulted in the formation of the present Buncombe County Medical Society. It received its charter from the state of North Carolina on January 4, 1986, and has remained in continuous operation since that time.

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